Why Do Things Seem So Difficult?

If you’re like me, sometimes I get overwhelmed with … life! It just seems so dern complicated. Sometimes.

But then, at other times, when I’m relaxed and fully in my own power … life seems so easy it’s almost like a dream.

Today I’ve had both feelings.

In tune with life when I start my day with aligning myself to my “higher Self,” which I do everyday.

Yet, when I went into my emails and saw the glut of spam, I instantly felt overwhelmed by the complexities of … everything!

So I googled “how to rid emails of spam” and did what the experts suggest. And do I feel better?


I first had the AWARENESS I was being bugged by spam.

Being aware is the first step to any change in life, however small or large.

Next, I fully had ACCEPTANCE that these spam emails were interfering with my ability to function at my highest level. Over and over I’ve accepted this fact. But never made the time to sit and figure out how to deal with the issue.

Until today!

My acceptance level reached maximum pressure … but … before I exploded inside or outside … I googled.

Then, and only then I could take the ACTION that is necessary to make a change.

Whether a major change (such as stopping a lifelong bad habit like using the crutch of pills, potions, or puff) or sometime so simple as not answering every phonecall, text, or email … or eliminating bothersome and unnecessary distractions such as spam or cling-y types of folks … these three steps


are needed to make any change, real change, occur.

Good luck with whatever you need changed. And let me know how it goes, okay?

Check out our podcast ZLORD.libsyn.com and my site tezalord.com to join my Army of Love.

Real change happens with Love. Love yourself FIRST, and your whole life/attitude/circumstances automatically changes.

In the Light,




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