I was so moved by the news that greeted me in this morning’s paper (I don’t look to screens for current events, too much, so much to absorb!). Tony Hsieh’s death being declared “alcohol and drug” related made it to the front page of today, Monday December 7th’s front page. Reported by Kristen Grind, James R. Hagerty and Katherine Sayer. Somehow I wasn’t surprised at the facts presented. I’d suspected since hearing of Tony Hsieh’s bizarre demise.

I identify with the man’s deadly plight. I, too, came close to checking out, looking for the ultimate in extremes, via substances and dangerous behavior. But, unlike Tony H. I survived, and then … I got clean and sober three decades ago.

My fingers raced as the keyboard sizzled beneath my ardent wish to convey Tony’s and my similarities. Tony, you exemplify what a lot of people are feeling, only you went really overboard, dude! Lots of us are looking for that special connection, as you were. With the transcendent feeling of interconnectedness, with unity, with the Oneness, as I prefer to call it.

I wrote my little heart out till my fingers were sore and my mind was drained. You’ll hear what I have to say on my next blog post from my mothership, Won’t you join my Army of Love, and hear my thoughts echoing yours. Visit my site and sign up for my posts. “We are all One” is my theme. Only some of us, like Tony, look for it in totally the wrong places. Nonetheless, he did look.

And it cost him his life. Check out my website’s post, due out tomorrow, “We Are All Tony Hsieh.” And while you’re there, check out my visionary art and books. I’m a storyteller who uses verse ’n’ vision.



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