1. Isn’t it true that whenever there’s a birth or a death around you, you feel the specialness of that person’s entry, or departure? That with the beginning or the ending of life, the “vibes” of everyday life have shifted, and something ENORMOUS, and EXTRAORDINARY, is happening? Be honest. (Spoiler alert: If you’re a regular imbiber/user of any sort of mood-altering substance, you won’t be able to feel this sensation very clearly.)
  2. When you have that “magical feeling” (like, looking at an awe-inspiring landscape? Or, up at the stars on a clear night? Perhaps alone with a loved one, enjoying your connection without words?) ask yourself: “What part of me is feeling this?”
  3. Remember the time when you thought of someone and out of the blue … they called?
  4. How many times have you felt someone looking at you and you turned to see you’re being “looked at”?
  5. This so-called sixth sense (it’s our “spiritual side”) is real. Some of us work with it, others try to downplay it, and still others deny it.



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teZa Lord

teZa Lord


Author/Artist /Spirit Activist. Visit teZaLord.com . listen to ZLORD podcast & see my YouTube MindStillers. NEW book, a magic-realism eco-novel coming SOON.