Sex and Spirit

I’ve experienced a lot about how connected the spiritual/sexual energy is that arises in each and everyone of us humans. Did you know that sexual and spiritual yearnings come from the same energy source of our expanded humanity? In the world of heightened consciousness (my specialty) this energy source is call the second level of awareness. It comes right after the first, most basic level in which a person focuses on purely staying alive. Naturally, next to managing to stay alive comes sex because being on this planet is all about procreation of our species, right? But did you ever correlate how embracing your spiritual life is also a form of new creation? A positive use of creativity, not just to multiply our numbers, but to elevate yours and everyone else’s possibilities of survival.

Nurturing your spirituality is an unfolding of an expanded level of awareness within you. If this isn’t pro-creation I don’t know what to call this more mindful, open and aware approach to living everyday existence. Seeing the Magic of Life everywhere we look is Spirit.

Does this come as a surprise to you? That sex and spirit are so closely aligned? Just look around and see how often spiritual leaders mis-use this potent energy of sex. Sex is that closely associated with Spirit, a heightened state of thinking and being.

I’ve made a lifelong study of this subject, of discovering how Sex and Spirit are interconnected. I share about my discoveries in many different forms. I create verse ’n’ visions in books, art, videos, and in today’s virtual world, numerous posts everywhere I can. My passion is spreading the joy of living from the spiritual core within us all. Why? Because being spiritual makes us MORE CREATIVE. But some of us get hung up on sex-as-main, or only-choice , and miss out on the vastly more inspired, spiritually-centered opportunities at our disposal.

The world is in crisis right now. The survival of our human race depends on us being more creative, more spiritual, more aware. Wake Up! Embrace your spirituality, my friend. If you haven’t already, that is. And if you have, help your brothers and sisters to find a more comfortable relationship with their spirituality.

At adolescence all human have an awakening of both sexual and spiritual curiosities, known as an energy-uprising. The sexual uprising is physical horniness; the spiritual one is questions about “Who Am I?” If a young person isn’t nurtured in the spiritual area at this stage of life, puberty, that surge of wanting-to-know goes into the exploration of sex, the natural progression of our human development from child to adult.

Then, later in life, this curiosity-of-spirituality arises again, usually attached to some form of life crisis. The death of a loved one. The loss of something important. A huge crossroads event. A catastrophe. A pandemic. An impending war. At these times, each and everyone of us gets to decide:

Do I open that door of human perception, known as the spiritual side of myself? Or do I slam it shut again, as I have in the past, over and over, whenever it’s beckoned to me before? Do I continue pretending I don’t have these curious feelings that life is something more than what it appears to be?

Or do I dive in to the endless creative possibilities of the spiritual perspective of life?

For those who are brave, and ready, they step through that open door and start to explore their intrinsic spiritual nature. For those still not ready, or who lack guidance, initiative, or peace of mind (because spiritual matters necessitate a person embracing inner calm even in the midst of life’s most tumultuously horrific ordeals) … those overwhelming energies will remain in the sexually-focused, material arena of our evolving human consciousness.

But your true nature will keep trying. Your spiritual self will keep knocking until you’re ready to open that closed door within your heart and mind.

If you’d like to know more about my in-depth explorations of this subject, and join my Army of Love at



Author/Artist /Spirit Activist. Visit . listen to ZLORD podcast & see my YouTube MindStillers. NEW book, a magic-realism eco-novel coming SOON.

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teZa Lord

Author/Artist /Spirit Activist. Visit . listen to ZLORD podcast & see my YouTube MindStillers. NEW book, a magic-realism eco-novel coming SOON.