Nothing’s Wasted

Moments Forever Captured, image by Carter Lord, my beloved

Yesterday I was waiting in a doctor’s office with my beloved, without access to a sufficient Wifi connection, and all the great thoughts I spewed furiously onto my phone’s app by fat-finger typing via a Medium post appears to be … gone!…instead of gloriously shared with the world.

Does this bum me out?

Kind of. Yet … I’ve lived long enough and seen it happen over and over to say without a shred of doubt that …

Instead of expounding on the above tres important truism (save that for next Medium post) I’ll attempt to re-create yesterday’s even greater, more useful, and ever so comforting Truth. My thoughts are seemingly better sorted through now that I had yesterday’s dress rehearsal.

By the way, letting go, hand-in-hand with acceptance of what is is the clue to my life’s center of true joy, personal fulfillment, and long sought-after Self-awareness. Read my books here: or Amazon or listen to the audibles (read by moi) of all three nonfiction narratives … or join my beloved and I as we discuss these matters on the ZLORD podcast.

After being a guest on over thirty podcasts (all themed around conscious living, meaningful experiences of spiritual and physical yearnings) in the last year— I have arrived at a new concept of what it means to have a spiritual inclination.

Environmentalism is the New Spirituality

In this day, at this crucial time in Earth’s present and varied crises, to be a spiritual person means not just to work for and attain a personal Self-awareness (the larger concept of fitting into the energetic, consciousness-uniting matrix of the One (that has no second) but to concurrently work (by thinking of, even) in a cooperative effort to help heal our wounded Mother Earth.

Our planet Earth desperately needs our help. So people, let’s give our Love to our world instead of hoarding it for ourself.

By The One, I mean the woven interconnectedness of consciousness throughout the known existence, here and there, Earth and throughout the cosmos.

If we are not operating being aware of our individual selves being an integral, equal, crucially important facet of the One then we are living from our ego-driven little puny “self” centeredness that was the “Old Spirituality.” To be spiritual now means to be part of the whole, not just explore our own inner possibilities.

To be spiritual in the twenty-first century means that our awareness embraces our stewardship of our home planet’s needs. And that includes whatever’s happening with the inhabitants enjoying its safe harbor earth, sea, air, the outer atmosphere, the oceans’ depths, its myriad landscapes, including — most importantly perhaps — the social structures of our diverse global human family.

Indeed it is. In fact, if we don’t embrace this New Spirituality of being responsible for all the previous foibles of everyone else, and help to heal the harm done by our forebears (of the homo sapiens variety) then we are destined to a narcissistic state of denial. We will never feel fulfilled, spiritually.

Who want to turn their back on the gifts of joy and exquisite fulfillment possible to every single one of us, if we embrace helping others, helping our planet home that is under toxic duress?

No one.

So, what I want to share with everyone, and infect everyone with HOPE. Do not hold thoughts any longer originating from fear, or anguish, or frustration.

Every thought we hold COUNTS.

So watch your thoughts.

Think good, healing, positive thoughts, and all woes will inevitably, in time, be healed.

The energy of thought is real, it has vitality, it has POWER.

If we spread the word that Love (the opposite state of Beingness from living in fear) heals not only our own suffering physical bodies, the world around us, one person at a time, one cellular transformation at a time — is healing. The environment issues beleaguering us today as well as the cultural, social, political divisiveness that sucks all creative energy from our real, tangible grasp, all will heal, dissolve, and be replaced by the new creative efforts that are possible when fear has been transformed to LOVE.

An idea is the beginning-stage of an real form of action.

To think positively is, therefore, to act.

Think about it.

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Blessings to us all.



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