Mind Meld, Anybody?

teZa Lord
3 min readAug 27, 2021


When we drove through the tiny town of Vulcan in southern Alberta province, Canada during our 6-months pre-pandemic wilderness-camping trip, I couldn’t help but relate to the Star Trek motifs all over the weird and wonderfully daffy place.

Unequivocally Dr. Spock was my favorite character aboard the starship Enterprise. So naturally, I asked my husband to take my portrait at the Mind Meld massage, which was alongside the Beam Me Up gym, close to the Warp Speed garage. All these establishments were closed because of the late hour. We’d find out the next day before we headed out of town that every one of the major stars had visited Vulcan except (Captain Kirk) William Shatner, which is odd seeing as he’s the only Canadian in the original cast.

When I saw the name of the local (and only) massage shop during our midnight walk through the deserted main street of this iconic village (streetlights are miniature Enterprises, as is the sculpted Visitor’s Center itself) … I was struck by a new reality. In a flash I “saw” (a mini-mind meld?) how my entire life efforts as writer/artist/and most currently, a Spirit activist are all to offer a true Mind Meld to any willing to merge with the discoveries I’ve been fortunate to make.

No longer am I seeking. From once being confused and searching for answers, I have settled on being perpetually curious. I’ve done plenty of investigating in my seven-decades-plus upon this glorious garden planet of ours. Now, having achieved what I consider to be true peace of mind (meaning: I accept What Is, each and every new present moment), my work is about sharing how I got here. My skills have been honed. I offer what I’ve gleaned to any interested.

A Vulcan Mind Meld is technique unique to Vulcans. It’s Spock’s way of communicating, for those of you not familiar with one of Star Trek’s more idiosyncratic, and I dare say, futuristic forms of comfortably Being. Any Vulcan can do it to anyone who gives permission to “meld” their two consciousnesses. Only in dire circumstances, an emergency that is, would Spock use a Mind Meld without the recipient’s permission. Placing fingertips of both hands surrounding either side of another’s brain, the Mind Meld is a telepathic form of transmitting information, without words or the use of any other means of sharing past/present/future access to either participants’ vast storehouse of knowledge. Using a Mind Meld, Spock could unlock secrets, rescue planets, even discover the source of true planet crises and life-threatening enigmas.

Of course I’m being a wise ass by saying my efforts are akin to the Vulcan Mind Meld that Spock used so reverentially, which he performed only to be helpful, never to take advantage of his psychic abilities. But I do believe that my being both artist and writer allows me to have access to a uniquely (and wordless) different dimension of communication than if I were solely a wordsmith-oriented writer.

Before I seriously started writing books, I thought my artwork was a better way to express the evolution of we humans, from the mundane to the sacred in everyday life. But then, a shift happened for me, and I embraced both words and images.

I discovered that both words and images are needed to truly express what I want to communicate. And thus, I am a verse ’n’ vision mind-meld kind of writer. I truly believe we need all our senses to understand, at an easily digestible level, life’s profound insights available to those interested in our blended-human family ’s evolutionary process. Documenting this opening of awareness is my work’s intention: To spread Love wherever I can, however I can.

My motto: Love is the weapon of mass illumination.

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