Everything Counts!

A popular writer tweets curses

thinking provocative jest helps the suffering, the angst, the angry.

Well yes, for those toasting the devil, salt in wounds feels good.

I prefer to salute the Magic of Everyday

and help spread Love in the world.

Guess that makes me not a candidate to be popular at anything

’cept being ever-curious love junkie.

That makes me smile.

That makes me bigger, the best, the most I can be.

And that’s plenty enough for me.

Wanna dance?

Here’s more of me

I’ve experienced a lot about how connected the spiritual/sexual energy is that arises in each and everyone of us humans. Did you know that sexual and spiritual yearnings come from the same energy source of our expanded humanity? In the world of heightened consciousness (my specialty) this energy source is…

Mother Earth nurtures us — NOW let’s give her LOVE

What Can We Do?

After the global environmental conference met in Glasgow I’m wondering what can I do, and I’m wondering if you’re asking yourself the same question?

Our planet needs us more than ever! When I became aware of the imminent global crisis — the result of industry’s unhampered…

Still from “Someone I Used to Know” video

We all know what it’s like to have our hearts hurt by someone close, a friend, a relative, our partner. What do we do to get over that hurt? Times like the holidaze, Thanksgiving today and Christmas coming up — we are given opportunities to overcome our difficulties, rather than…

How lucky are we? Or — more truthfully — how great that we chose each other and decided to work on be-coming the perfect mate for each other!

Carter, my beloved goofball, and I celebrated 30 years married this week! We are just back from honeymooning and filled with so…

teZa Lord

Author/Artist /Spirit Activist. Visit teZaLord.com or listen to our podcast: ZLORD.libsyn.com

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